Gala Information

This section contains details for swimmers looking for information about galas and includes details about Time Conversions for different pool lengths, the British Swimming Ranking Database, and the ASA Competitive Start Award.  For information on BAGCATs see the BAGCAT Points Section.

Disqualification Codes:

See the Disqualification Codes page for explanation on the codes used when swimmers are disqualified

Time Conversions (Equivalent Performance Tables)

Times from different pool lengths can be converted using Equivalent Performance Tables on the British Swimming website.

Online calculators are available eg.:

Note these can only be used as a guide - use the official Equivalent Performance Tables when working out equivalent times for entering meets.

British Swimming Ranking Database

The British Swimming Ranking Database contains swimmers times collated from a wide variety of meets  You can produce the ranking list for National, Regional, County, or Club level to compare yourself against swimmers at the different levels.  The Club code for Norwich Swan is NOST.

Please remember that not all galas are included in the ranking database - generally it is licensed meets that are included.  For example the Norfolk County Championship results are in the rankings, but the Club Championships are not, neither are some of the team galas we compete in.  Follow the link for the list of meets to view all Long Course and Short Course meets with results in rankings over the last 12 months (swimmer order)

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